Sunday, May 20, 2012

Salzburg, Austria

The downtown area of Salzburg, Austria is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This relatively small city is definitely on my list of best European cities to visit.

The city is home to Mozart and today it's full of music, especially classical music. Street performances and classical music concerts are everywhere.

  Everytime we eat something in big cities, my son saves a little for the pigeons.

The dirndl is a traditional women's dress worn in this area of Austria as well as in adjacent areas of Germany. Today they are worn frequently in restaurants and for festivals.

Salzburg is home to the Steigl Brewrey. Beer is a staple food of this area of Germany.

Also home to the Sound of Music, this lovely town has several Cathedrals, and castles and palaces. If you're planning a trip to Europe this is definitely a city to consider visiting!

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