Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bitche Citadel

On a hill, high above the village of Bitche, France stands a massive citadel. It was a castle turned into a fortified underground city where an entire village could take refuge during times of war. This has actually happened more that once during the history of the citadel.

Outside stand several buildings including a chapel and places to store weapons.

Underground are many rooms. There are facilities for baking bread, medical care, a blacksmith, a well, cannons, wagons and places for food storage.

There are also potties. My son liked this part best. We visited them twice.

Visitors wear headphones, and underground are taken on virtual journey through the conflict of 1870 with the Prussians. The majority of the movies are not appropriate for young children. During the underground tour I stayed with the kids a few steps away from the group. We had a wonderful time looking around.


  1. Ha ha, I misread Bitche....... I was a little surprised at the title when I did that :)

    1. What a great name......... Americans love to go there and take pictures of the city's welcome sign. Another great one is the word Ausfahrt. It means exit and it is everywhere, especially on the autobahn.

  2. Hi, I'm another "Ami" in Germany. You have a fun blog! Thanks for sharing!

  3. My husband would want a picture next to the that sign:)!! and I do believe we have one of the Ausfart sign:) He has a weird sense of humor, but I love him any way.

    Must be a boys thing about potties my son loves to see them too:) thanks for sharing on the Home school Fieldtrip hop

  4. What an amazing field trip, and hee hee - I love that your son liked checking out the toilets best, so funny!

    Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times :-) Can't wait to see what you get up to next!

  5. We were there this April!


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