Monday, April 16, 2012

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is not only picturesque, it is also a former fortified city. I have been to medieval cities complete with walls and gates, and military forts, but I have never seen anything like Luxembourg City. It seems to combine both of those traits into one complete city built to withstand a war of any type.

Ruled by Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Prussia, Luxembourg has seen more that its fair share of war and hardship. Much of Luxembourg City's military might ended in 1867 when the Treaty of London ordered the dismantling of the battlements.

In former times the city was surrounded not by one, but by two walls and a moat. It also contained over 17 km of bomb proof vaulted underground rooms known as casemates. In the above photo, above the bridge you can see part of the casemates.

This photo shows the moat that once helped to protect the city.

Today the city of Luxembourg plays an active part in the European Union, European justice, and International banking. A visit to this city is well worth it!

To read more about our trip to Luxembourg click here.
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  1. Gorgeous pictures as well as an amazing bit of history to go with them. Thanks so much for sharing!:-)

  2. we have driven thru Luxemburg but didn't have time to stop. Now i wish we had made more time. So many great places in Europe to see and we are running out of time only 18 months left before we return home to the US:( So glad you got to explore this little gem, it looks beautiful:)


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