Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bacharach, Germany

Bacharach, Germany is a wine growing town on the Rhine River.

Due to the shallow river water near Bacharach, it flourished during the middle ages. The required unloading and reloading of wine carrying vessels allowed the city to collect taxes on the goods. The town is complete with its own castle, 12th century chapel ruin and a church to mark the center of town.

Several half-timbered houses stand in Bacharach, including the Altes haus built in 1368.

The site of an old mint on the main street is marked with a mural and a sign.

Numerous city gates dating back to the middle ages are connected by a wall that once fortified the city. Three gates are visible in the above photo.


  1. What a fun day!! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  2. Germany seems amazing. I'm really enjoying reading about it through your posts. Must be wonderful to be able to walk through those city gates. Thanks for sharing with us on Happy Family Times :-)


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