Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homeschooling in Germany

Homeschooling is illegal in Germany. So a frequently asked question I get is "How can you homeschool in Germany?"
Well, we are Americans living in Germany. My husband works for Americans and through his job we are covered by SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement. The United States government has an agreement with the German government that among other things protects our rights to homeschool. Military personnel here on orders and most civilin workers associated with the military are covered.

Ironically, homeschooling turns out to be our best educational option here. We are discouraged from sending our children to German schools because we don't pay German taxes. We are allowed to send our children to the Department of Defense Schools on the Air Force Base, but we must pay for them. The current rate is around $20,000 per child. Fortunately for others in our situtation who don't want to homeschool, there are a few private schools in the area with lower tuitions.

Luckily for us we love homeschooling and would pick this option regardless.

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  1. Good for you! Being foreigners helped us in the Netherlands, too. We Canadians were the only homeschoolers we knew of not in the court system....


    Annie Kate

  2. Good information to have. We are currently looking for jobs in Europe and knowing where homeschooling is legal is important to us!

  3. How blessed your children are to be home schooled in Germany! I just found your blog via the AO yahoo list. I'll be visiting you often as we are considering using the AO curriculum for our children. I'm your newest follower..and if you feel like stopping by and visiting me, please do!

  4. Accepting that we would be unable to homeschool was definitely the toughest selling point for our family when we were deciding to make the move to Offenburg from the US a year ago. When I found your blog I was hoping that there was a loophole that I had missed when we did our research. Well, phooey! I am glad to know that folks associated with the military still have the option, though! Jealous, but glad :) For now, we just pretend that school is an anthropological experiment and enjoy the opportunities that we have here anyways.
    I also keep a blog about our experiences (mostly to stay sane!) It might be fun to compare notes sometime. Tschuss!
    -Stephanie Paris

    1. I send my youngest to the German Kindergarten and it is great. We thought about sending our older two to the German schools when we moved here. I think your children are lucky to have so much exposure to the language.


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