Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogs as Geography Resources

Have you ever used a blog as a geography learning resource?

When creating my blog one of my main motivations was to make a geography resource for elementary students. Since we are Americans living in Germany I thought the blog would be fun and interesting for students. At the time we were participating in a postcard exchange with elementary classrooms across the United States and one requirement of participating in the exchange was to have a blog.

To acheive this goal, on the right-hand side of my blog I listed German Living Topics, European Countries and European Living Topics. My intent was that the students could use the blog as a research tool for writing assignments. They could compare and contrast Germany and the United States, write about European Landmarks, European castles, palaces and churches, German Holidays and Festivals, or a variety of other topics.

We recently used the Grandma's Grand Adventures blog in this fashion. After the kids spent several days browsing the blog they wrote about Alaska. The blog was written by a homeschooling grandmother who took a long vacation to Alaska and blogged about it. My kids loved seeing all the photos and learned about salmon eggs, totem poles, bears and eagles browsing the blog.

I'm thinking there are other geography related blogs and blog posts out there that are interesting and educational. Therefore I am starting a new blog hop called "I Saw it on Vacation". If you have an applicibable blog or blog post please link-up.

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  1. This really is an excellent idea. Thank you so much for pointing out how much sense this makes :) I did see the categories on the sidebar of your blog, but I hadn't explored yet. I will make it a point to come back and explore with my girls. Thanks, also, for the link to the blog about Alaska. Before we were married, my husband spent about 6 months in Alaska. My girls know this, and would probably love exploring the blog.

    Thanks so much for linking to Favorite Resources!

  2. What a fun idea. Back in 2007, my husband and I sold our house in NJ and hit the road in a 29 ft. RV with our four children. We traveled across the U.S. and back, taking about 20 months, and have since settled in NC. But wow, what a trip. One of the things my (at the time) five-year-old son loved to do was put up a sticker of the latest state we were in on our big map of the U.S. It was great to learn about the local geography, and history, wherever we happened to be.

    1. That sounds like an awesome adventure. We are having lots of fun taking frequent trips in Europe. Maybe some day we will get to travel arcross the US too. - four children including a five year old sounds like a bit of a challenge, but what a wonderful way to learn and spend family time!

  3. I want to go to Alaska one day, so many places to see I will have to look for a good post for you link up as we travel alot:) Miss this week, will try next week

    1. Definitely! Your Iceland and Portugal posts would be wonderful. I really enjoyed reading them and I bookmarked them in case we schedule vacations there.

  4. Visiting via the Hip Homeschool Moms' hop:

    I have one daughter left at home, do so sincerely wish I'd've had these resources available when the other two were still at home and young. We loved our geography classes!

    Here's an idea (you might already cover this, but I don't have time to look through all your posts).... Every year in December or mid November or so, I would assign the children the "work" of doing an involved study on a particular country (they'd each do a different one)...with the emphasis on how that country's citizens celebrated Christmas. What food, songs, traditions, cultural events, etc, did they have/do which were significant or had been incorporated into OUR (American) celebrations? Etc. The week or two before Christmas, each child would be responsible for coming up with a "country" menu and making dinner (with my help) for the whole family, explaining what s/he learned about the songs, history, geography, etc of her/his country. We had so many interesting discussions and meals!

    Some of the meals we adapted to our tastes or ingredients we could substitute. The older two are in their early 20's and the youngest is 16, and they all still think this was a great idea!

    Best wishes and may your business dreams come true, too!

    A Titus Two Friend in West Virginia,


  5. I agree blogging is a great way to document geography things, especially while you're traveling.

  6. Fun idea! We've also used my visitor-map on my blog statistics to find countries on the globe.


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