Sunday, January 29, 2012

South Germany Dance Championship Competition

The fasching season begins November 11 and lasts until Ash Wednesday. This is also the competitive time of year for dancing.The three girls in our family are very involved. We have been to several competitions and now have a little something to brag about.

Both my daughter and I along with our respective teams have qualified for the South Germany Dance Championship Competition. (The little one is not old enough to compete.) In addition, to my march dance, my daughters show and march dances, two others dances from our club have qualified. One is a couples dance for ages 6-10 and the other is the individual dancer for ages 6-10. Here are a few pictures of the dancers.


This is our totally awesome coach. She teaches my youngest, the show dance for my older daughter and my dance all on a volunteer basis.

March Dance

Show Dance 

Individual Dancers

Couples Dance

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