Sunday, December 18, 2011

German Christmas Parties

Many German sports clubs hold their own Christmas parties which are varied in activities. This is my favorite annual Christmas Party held by the Fasching (carnival) club.
 This year the children began with candle light procession.
 They did a short play,
and a simple dance. In between the procession, play and dancing, was a talent show which consisted of recorder, piano, violin and guitar playing, singing, poems and dances put together by the children.

Each year club members and parents bring a salad or desert. At the party guests can buy dinner for a small fee which is a plate of the salads plus a wurst, and the proceeds pay for show costumes and other club expenses.

Money is also raised for the upcoming year with a tombola. A tombola is a popular type of raffle in Europe. For this tombola each ticket wins. Guests purchase tickets for 1 euro each and then claim their prizes. We bought six tickets and in return received; a pen, a slightly water damaged calendar, a Valentines Day ceramic duck decoration, bottle of schnapps, small fake poinsetta plant and an 18 inch jester doll.
Then of course Santa came to visit and handed out chocolate Santas. (Candy canes are not handed out here as they are in the US. In fact, I have never seen them in the German stores.)

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I think my boys would much prefer to be handed chocolate santas over candy canes any day!:-)


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