Monday, November 28, 2011

Show Dance Competition

The fasching dance competitions have two types of dances. There are traditional march dances and show dances. For the show dance, the dancers wear elaborate costumes and use some props. The dance is supposed to be entertaining and tell a story. The music is usually a medley of American and German songs.
The main song in their dance is a German song about earthworms (Regenwurmer Song). This version is a little different.
Here are some photos of the other dancers.
The zebra dance was about black and white.
The caterpillars turned into butterflies.
 The snails carried their houses with them.
The chicken's main song was the jazz song In The Mood with clucking sounds added.

Competitions can get very serious as with many other sports. There are basic competitions, qualifing competitions, regional, semi-national and national competitions. Overall it is a very fun activity for the kids and adults who help out!

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