Friday, October 21, 2011

Honey House

Some small businesses are run from homes and are very difficult to spot. The family that lives in this house sells honey. Customers just knock on the door and are sometimes invited inside to chat and eat a cookie.


  1. I kind of like this idea as a way of doing business! Though I can see how these areas might be hard to spot.:-)

  2. That´s my grandparents there :-) They´ll be very exited to get to know they have been mentioned in the "internet".
    They are also very interested in your family and always talk good of you. So don´t be shy and get yourself some honey (should have some again early summer). grandma also is a fabulous baker and she´ll most likely offer you some of her cake.

    1. We love to visit them. My son loves the dog and your grandma always offers the kids treats. We haven't been over for a long time because Jemma is sick and we haven't gone anywhere, but will soon.


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