Thursday, September 1, 2011


The shows are something to see! I highly recommend them for any American living in Germany.

The audience sits at tables in a large gym. Lights are usually left on and food and drinks are served throughout. It's also alright to have conversation during shows although this is easier at some parts of the shows than others. The shows start with a parade of club members from the back of the gym to the stage. All dancers, musicians, club board members and the king and queen participate.

The parade is followed by words of welcome and then the entertainment starts. There are club songs (like fight songs at a football game) where the entire audience stands-up, sways and sings. These songs are sprinkled in with dancing, comedy skits, musical performances and announcements.

There are different shows for different groups of people. Kinderfasching occurs in the afternoon and is for kids. There is usually less stage entertainment for the kids which is replaced with games such as musical chairs. Senior fasching occurs in the afternoon and is for elderly, prunksitzung is for adults and begins at 8:11 pm. The shows last 3 to 4 hours. The kid and senior shows are slightly shorter than the nighttime adult shows.

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