Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dance Marschieren

My youngest daughter displayed her stage presence during the last Fasching season. She began at the Christmas Party talent show with a solo dance set to music played by a toy polar bear. Her dance got the attention of the entire audience as they clapped to the beat while she danced. It was a hit!

She continued to wow the crowd at the first official Fasching show of the year. When the girls are done dancing they are supposed to remain on stage and stand still while the master of ceremonies talks about them. Instead of remaining still she continued to dance doing high kicks, cartwheels and jumping dance steps the entire time he was talking. The audience found her performance very entertaining. At the next show she had to go to the bathroom while she was dancing, and it was so obvious that the entire crowd had stomach aches from all the laughter.

Since she had proven herself as an entertainer she was lent a very special small Gardetanz costume. In this costume she led the parade of dancers to the stage at the beginning of the next few shows and was allowed to dance with the big girls. She was thrilled and did a great job.

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