Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cologne Church

The Cathedral in the city of Cologne, Germany is the most visited site in the country. It stands in the center of town right next to the train station.

The church is world famous because it was one of the only things left standing in Cologne after World War II. Over 90 percent of the city was destroyed. Some say it was a miracle and some say the allies left it standing to use for guidance from the air. The steeples could easily be seen and were used to determine direction.

Sometimes bombs and other war items are found in and around the city. Just last year a bomb was found in the Rhine River. The water level dipped lower than it had been since the war and the bomb became visible.
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  1. Just found your blog today after your post on ao. My German-immigrant grandparents took me to Germany over 30 years ago and I remember visiting this church and the awe I felt inside...unlike anything in the US. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics and experiences!

  2. Just found your blog while "yarning along" with Ginny. Writing you from Cologne ;-) but I have a general question: I read you are homeschooling in Germany? How is that possible? I thought there is no way to do so because of school duty (?) /Schulpflicht? I would really love to find out more about it! Liebe Grüße,

    1. I actually recently posted about homeschooling in Germany. We are Americans living in Germany and covered under (SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement) between the American and German government.


  3. As always, such great places you visit! Thanks for linking up to FTF!!


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