Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christmas Markets

Starting at the end of November and lasting through Christmas most cities and small villages have Christmas markets. Vendors sell handicrafts, food and treats. Gluhwein, served hot, is the adult Christmas drink made with red wine, spices and sugar. Many markets will have a stage set up for local music groups to perform. The Weinnachtsman (Santa Claus) visits most Christmas markets and brings more treats for the kids. 
We visited a large Christmas Market in Trier. Trier is the oldest city in Germany and dates back to Roman times.
The market contained many rows of decorated wooden houses each selling food or wares.

The Germans are very hearty people and don't mind the cold at the markets. They just dress warmer.


  1. We just visited a German Christmas Market, too, but in Virginia - Busch Gardens Christmas Town:)

    1. Cool! It's good to know you can find some in the states. That way we won't be missing them too much.


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